Hosted Exchange  $8, $10, or $13

  • 10-50 GB Mailboxes – Don’t worry about seeing the dreaded “inbox full” messages ever again.
  • Email Security Included – Antispam, Antivirus, and Antimalware is seamlessly integrated so there’s nothing to install or maintain. Our connection also uses an industry standard 256bit SSL/TLS en cryption.
  • Robust Access Options – Manage your email in your favorite email client or smartphone via POP3/IMAP, or login to our secure webmail portal.
  • Email Management – You can now designate employees as Managers that will give them access to the email management dashboard. Features include the user management and spam control.


Packages and Pricing

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For a faster and more priority supportive computer service system, please fill out a  support ticket. We encourage all of our clients to use this system, as it gets to all of our technicians on hand in real time and allows you to log in and see the progress of your computer service ticket.